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anyone run Ubuntu?

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    anyone run Ubuntu?

    if so, tell me what you think about it, please.


    I"M not, running a Slaxware distro, but I've heard it's the bee's knees. Suppose to be pretty well supported, with lots of hardware.

    I'm going to eventually setup a dedicated Linux box, and have thought Aboput unbuntu. I've also hear Kubuntu is a little bet GUI interface with Konqourer.


      Hi Scott!

      I have the Ubuntu CD, but I have not had time to install it on an old laptop, running Windows Me---maybe next week! If you have the CD, you can stick it in your CD ROM and go ahead and re-boot your computer and run Ubuntu without making any changes to your OS. Ubuntu is still number one on DistroWatch. Perhaps our Linux users will chime in and I also sent a PM to CaptainGimp because he is pretty much our "go-to guy" with anything Linux.
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        I booted it up on my G5 earlier today from CD - seems pretty nice, but I didn't take the time to figure out how to make everything work (network connections, etc). I need a spare machine to do a full install on. *shrug*


          From what I've research, the BEST Live CD is Knoppix. It's based off of Debian, and includes things like open office.

          Scott, i'm assuming you G5 is the tower... internet connection, should be straight forward... Now wireless support in Linux blows, and most times you need to use thhe windows drivers.

          I just dual booted my lappy with Slaxware, and am slowly learning the ins and outs.


            yup, powermac running off wifi (no ethernet line nearby). I'll mess w/ it later. the ubuntu forums are pretty helpful & plenty of folks there have gotten wireless working w/o issue.

            openoffice, firefox, gimp, etc etc are all on the ubuntu live cd.

            a new OS is intriguing but I dunno if it's worth the time.


              Just got the heads up that you had posted about Ubuntu.
              I've been using it for a few months and really like it. I'm using a pc and not mac, also not using wireless, though.
              Ubuntu uses Gnome and Kubuntu uses KDE. There are a over 10,000 software selections for it, as you have found, the forums will get your questiions answered. Software installation is a breeze with the package manager, just pick what you want and it installs itself, including dependancy checks. The installation of the base system has been hands off completely for me each time on a few different computers, except for installing video drivers as they are 3rd party, so you get them from the manufacturer. It was still pretty simple. The basic 2d drivers installed at base system- setup and had my plasma going from the get-go. I only realized the 3d portion wasn't working when I went to play a game, then I got them installed quickly.

              I find it is a very good distro, and can see why it's considered number 1. I just put a larger drive in my laptop and haven't had time to reload but the apps I need as I go, due to being busy.
              I would suggest loading it up, I guarantee you'll like it. Live cd's are only for a taste. It's kinda like a first date.... the real goodies are waiting to be discovered.



                I run ubuntu on my laptop

                Hey Scott. I've used Ubuntu on my laptop for about a year. It's by far my favorite distribution because of the huge package repositories and the fact that everything just works like it's supposed to.


                  Wireless authentication with ubuntu 6.10 was the only piece that had me going "This is just ****ing stupid".

                  If you are trying WPA shared key (password) authentication, let me know and I'll send you the instructions. It is even more stupid if you are using a live cd because you can't save the stupid commands to get it running.

                  This isn't limited to Ubuntu. WPA on any linux box is annoying.

                  -- JB


                    Man, I wish you guys would start speaking English.

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                      cool, thanks guys. If I can figure out how to safely dual-boot my powermac (i.e. w/o screwing up my OS X install), I'll play with it more.

                      Q: what's an ideal amount of disk space / ram to run Ubuntu smoothly? Of course more is better, but I may dig around ebay and see if I can get my hands on an older lightweight notebook (e.g. Thinkpad X30) for a few hundred bucks to put a copy on.

                      Justin: thanks, will PM you if I need it.

                      John: sorry.


                        I'm running a 1G swap and 14.5G Ext2 Which will be PLENTY of space. I think a CD expands out to just about 3G.


                          Originally posted by john smith
                          Man, I wish you guys would start speaking English.

                          i was thinkin the same thing, lol.


                            It was Ubuntu that I tried to install to my second drive, which overwrote my master drive and killed everything on it. Thank goodness I had a backup. Be careful when installing any second operating system, and always back up what you have first.

                            Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.