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How do you know what's okay and what isn't?

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  • How do you know what's okay and what isn't?

    When things come up on my computer, I usually have no idea if it's okay to follow the instructions, or if it's a virus or spyware or something. How does a person know?

    For example, I turned my computer on this morning and got a message:

    Backweb Security Notice
    A new certificate has arrived for channel 'Compaq Connections'. It will be used to digitally sign the channel's contents. Do you wish to accept this certificate?

    Then it shows a certificate saying it is published by Consumer PC Hewlett-Packard, etc, and then "Expires: February 07, 2004". (Yes, it says 2004.)

    Sounded goofy to me, but what do I know? When I click on the "no" option, it says:
    Declining a certificate is recommended only if you suspect it. Declining the certificate will prevent you from getting encrypted contecnt, and signed content will not be verified. If you wish to accept the certificate, click the Cancel button. Otherwise, click the OK button.

    I don't know which button to click.

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    I'm assuming this has something to do with HP/Compaq's software for remote assistance when there is an issue you need resolved and contact support online. However if your pc isn't an HP/Compaq then I would probably be a bit suspicious. Deney it and you might disrupt the ability of HP/Compaq to help resolve computer issues should you ever use that rout for support of some kind. If you don't ever intend on using them for support issues then don't worry about it and deney it.


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      Unless you've done something (clicked a button, started a program, etc) to elicit a popup or warning, be very suspicious. If you don't understand why something is on your screen, your best bet is to close it.


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        An easy wasy to tell is to turn off automatic updates, and do them manually. This way you know what your getting.

        Besides that, common sense is key.. If you have Dell and its a Compaq update...... its probably bad..

        Also remember.... Not having an update won't wreck you, so when indoubt, disallow.


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          Okey doke. Thank you. I just rejected it.