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Dragon 9 won't install - "processor too slow"

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  • Dragon 9 won't install - "processor too slow"

    Just bought Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9.0 - it says my processor is too slow - even though it is a new dual core AMD really fast (can't remember exactly how fast) processor, with 2 GB ram etc.

    Is it not compatible with Dual core AMD? Is there some way of forcing it to install?

    Naturally, their support is closed. AND - they want $9.95 to answer an email!!


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    Hello John and welcome to CC!

    I don't have a solution to your specific problem but Nuance does allow for one free telephone call for their tech support (407-241-1822).
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      Thanks - I did see that - but they are closed til Monday.

      Has anyone else been able to install v 9.0 on a Dual Core AMD?


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        It should not be a problem. I went to their site, yours is waaay above minum hardware requirements. Something else is happening. Disable your antivirus, close all programs. Defragment if you haven't done it in a week. Disable any power saving options for your cpu (that will make it run slower), and do a cold boot.
        Try to install again. Make an exact note of the error message you get, if it does it again. There really is no reason it should not install. I looked through their knowledge base and saw nothing like it. You can post any questions free there. Someone will get back to you. Don't waste money or time on a call.
        I don't use it, so I can't tell w/o being there, but I'm POSITIVE there is no problem with your cpu. There is something simple going on and eventually someone on there forum will get ya.
        Are you using a 64bit operating system, or just windoze xp and is it sp1, sp2, pro, media center edition, or home version? Have you been to windows update and installed all the updates for it yet?
        These are basic questions you will be asked anyway. Let us know the answers and if ya got it going after the above steps.

        Did the computer come already set up? It is minutely possible that the bios has the cpu and/or memory bus set wrong and it is identifying it wrong. You COULD try to copy the cd's to a folder on your hard drive and run setup from it. It will install a lot faster that way. Though I DO realize you are getting an id error BEFORE install, they recommended this for a couple different failing install scenarios.
        I just hate to see you having this crappy problem and no help. ESPECIALLY knowing the COST of the program. UNREAL, that they charge for phone support after one call. That is what having a monopoly enables. To the people that LEAST can bear it.
        Let me know something, I'll help if I can.
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          Your problem might be theAMD PowerNow. What that is, is a power saving program, that lowers the cpu voltge, thus saving power, but also underclocking your cpu.... I.e My 3800+ is running at 1000Mhz. Check in the power settings and set it to Always on..

          To check your cpu speed right click on "My Computer" and view "Properties"


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            Originally posted by Patonb
            My 3800+ is running at 1000Mhz.
            If the software for Dragon 9.0 is reading the processor below 1GHz, then the program will not install.

            I had problems with the Dragon 9.0 Upgrade, and I turned off my software firewall, anti-virus, and my anti-spyware program. I was getting an "Error 1305" which I thought (after doing some Google searches) was a bad CD. Dragon 7 Pro worked without any problems, so Nuance Tech Support (I explained to them everything I had tried) had me do one more install, but it failed. After 10 minutes on the phone it was determined that I had a bad CD, and I think I was treated quite fairly by Nuance regarding this problem.

            OTOH, maybe my one free call to Tech Support should be expunged because it was a bad CD, and not a user error.

            Happy to report that I am not having any problems with Dragon 9.0 (full version) on my desktop or on my laptop wiith the Intel Core Duo.
            The test of success is not what you do when you are on top. Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom
            --General George Patton

            Complex problems need to be solved collectively.
            ––Paul Nussbaum


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              Wheb I say running at 1Ghz, thats at "idle" AMD chips throttle up on demand, or when power settings are changed to set it.
              Shouldda clarified that.