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    In regards to the 14 year old girls who are posting pictures of themselves in their underwear on their myspace pages ....... the parents have a much more serious problem than myspace. Parents do need to be aware of what their children are doing.

    I know my own kids are well aware that they shouldn't post anything personal on the sites. Both of my teenage daughters have myspace pages. One never uses it, she just made it because she was curious about it. The other daughter uses it occasionally. Both know that I look at them once in a while too, and have nothing more identifiable (is that a word) than their first name and state. But I DO know that some of their friends post too much information.
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      Originally posted by Cherrylips
      lol exactly Bethany

      whats with the tude' November - if that was directed at me note i said 'pages ive been directed to' not 'browsed' which i doubt you can do without an account anyhow. NOW NOW no need to get bitchy Ure obviously guilty of the 'my top 8' howler otherwise your animosity is quite profound
      My post wasn't directed towards anyone specifically. Other people spoke of looking at pages, but not having accounts...not just you.

      No attitude or bitchiness here.

      Actually I've never complained about not being in someone's 'Top 8', but have had friends bitch at me about it. I think it's petty, but kinda funny at the same time too. I mean, everyone knows myspace is life!!!!
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        i was and still am looking for something else, but came across this which applies to the original discussion...

        Men Charged in MySpace.Com Rapes

        Related LinksStrongsville student accuses man she met on of rape

        CLEVELAND (AP) -- Two Broadview Heights men are accused of raping young girls they met on the web site MySpace. Channel 3 News first told you about 21-year-old Albert Azolino back in March.

        He is accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old Strongsville student lured to his home through internet chat.

        Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason says Azolino and 33-year-old friend Timothy Norman face rape, unlawful sexual contact with minors, and pandering charges.

        The prosecutor warns parents to be leery of the kids spending time on this web site.

        “It's like a catalogue for predators,” Mason said. “It's got the pictures of the kids so anybody who wants to get online -- they go on to, look at the pictures and click on it. Up comes the profile of the person they just click on.”

        Mason says the suspects would offer alcohol to the kids then photograph them during sex acts.

        If convicted the two could face life in prison.
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          Originally posted by 2jazzyjeff
          If convicted the two could face life in prison.
          as they should.

          but look who's getting the blame there... not MySpace...



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