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Lurch cant get into CareCure anymore...

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  • Lurch cant get into CareCure anymore...

    Hopefully someone out there can provide some trouble shooting info for him. He has been unable to get into CC for a couple of weeks now, whenever he tries to access it he gets the message saying that the address couldnt be found or is experiencing difficulties at the moment.

    If anyone can offer suggestions I will email to them.....thanks!

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    The website address has been changed so he may have redirection issues. have him clear his cache and then look through cookies and delete the ones that have anything to do with carecure or, then try again.

    is he trying to browse directly to or go thru an old bookmark?


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      I'm not sure how he is trying to access it, but I have sent him the link that I use to get in and he is unable to get in thru that one as well. He has phoned his internet provider and they have tried to help but it seems to have them stumped as well.


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        In IE, have him go up on the Toobar to "Tools" then down to "Internet Options" and then "Delete Cookies", "Delete Files" and "Clear History". Deleting Files may not be needed but it won't (shouldn't) hurt anything.

        And he may want to hit the F5 key (make sure MS Keyboard F-Lock is on...or off? Try both ways! grrrr....) to reload the page just in case it isn't set to automatically do that in his IE options.
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          I am having problems getting into website too. It takes several tries using and address. Today, I had to do a search on MSN to get in. Is there a different address to use now?? Help. Please answer in laymen's language, I am not computer literate!!
          chris B.


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            Chris, follow Bob's instructions. Basically, he told you step for step how to do what I said.

            Here's the addy for the page:


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              He still cant get in. I emailed the info and he said he had already done what Jadis and Bob suggested.

              Any other suggestions?


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                Can he get in with another browser?

                for example, if he uses IE = try opera, mozilla, firefox, etc


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                  Since all else is failing, have him call his ISP. Sometimes a nameserver doesn't refresh correctly. I've had this problem with certain websites in years past. The ISP can manually enter the correct domain info.

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                    did u try to send him to a post? like send him this:
                    C7/C8, T1 incomplete;

                    For stalkers convenience:
                    My drawings:


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                      Have him change his homepage to

                      Toolbar, then Tools, then Internet Options then paste this into the Home page Address box.

                      Maybe it will jolt something loose in IE. Who knows?

                      And are you sure he doesn't have his IE Privacy and/or Security Settings set too high. Or inadvertently put CareCure in his Restricted Zones. Maybe he could try hitting the "Default" button for those settings (usually Medium) and see if it helps.
                      "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria


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                        Thanks Bob,

                        Ive emailed him your response, hopefully we will see him in here soon!

                        Chuck, he has contacted his ISP provider and I think they tried unsucessfully to sort it out.