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    Hi Jr,

    Your computer is getting a bit dated but will still work fine for the Internet. The first thing you could do to improve its performance is install at least another 128MBs of memory/RAM. 256MBs if you have the money. It's not very expensive but that's a subjective statement. You will notice an instant improvement. You may have so much stuff trying to use that small amount of 128MBs of system memory that you're forcing your computer to access its virtual memory (your hard drive ) and that's slowing things up creating the graphical anomaly on your monitor.

    You can go to Crucial and use their "memory picker" to find out the type you need. Use the Crucial System Scanner by clicking on the icon.

    Our scanner tool can tell you about your current memory configuration and recommend compatible upgrades for your specific system.
    They have good prices there. But your computer is getting so old that you should be able to easily find used memory for it. Either at a flea market or call around to the local computer repair shops in your area. But price it new first so you don't ripped off and feel free to haggle. Those shops are stuck with it and is useless to them. You probably need SDRAM but it's possible your computer is so old that it uses DRAM.

    The second thing I would recommend is to have your hard drive completely formatted and your Operating System clean installed. It will work like brand new and any malware or viruses hidden in it will be totally gone.

    You WILL LOSE EVERYTHING that's on your hard drive so you want to back up everything that you can't live without.

    Most computer shops will charge you at least $100 to do this for you. And they do a very basic job of it. They won't sit down with you and set it up the way you want it. I do my computer every year or so just to keep it running at top speed. And I do all my family's and friend's computers too. A basic formatting and OS clean installation takes about an hour but setting it up, tweaking it and installing any programs, applications and games to your satisfaction can take some time.

    I notice that you're a religious man. Maybe someone at your Church knows how to install memory and can sit down with you and format and clean install your OS for free. If the format and clean install is done while you're there you can tell him or her what vital information/files that you want to save. Email, passwords, pictures, favorites lists, etc.

    More than likely your Operating System is clogged up with a bunch of spyware so the format/clean install will get rid of all of that too. Then download yourself a decent antivirus program and firewall to help protect your newly installed OS. There are a number of free ones on the Internet. Grisoft's AVG 7.0 is a good free AV program and ZoneAlarm is a good free firewall. Since you're probably not running Windows XP you may have to check to make sure these programs will work on your OS.

    You really should add at least 128MBs of memory though. It's simple to install, it just clicks into place. Just make sure you get the correct type/speed. And that you turn your computer off before you install it! And be careful in there.... your existing memory module(s) will be hot so give it/them a little time to cool off.

    There are directions at the Crucial website on how to install memory.

    And while you're inside the computer case take some time to clean the dust out of it. Your computer will run cooler. Be careful in there but you can use a vacuum cleaner with a brush on it. And Q-tips to get into the fans and other nooks and crannies.

    Good luck.
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      Thanks everyone:

      I have win 98 operating system installed. I do format my hard drive from time to time. I was only using 32MB of Ram a week ago and a couple of days ago i installed the rest to equal 128MB. This has helped. I have alot of good information now so Thank you all.
      Thanks: {Art}


        Originally posted by mattblan
        just switch to MozillaFirefox and see if that takes care of it.

        download it here -->
        Thanks bro, I'm doing it now.
        Thanks: {Art}



          Originally posted by PN
          Jr. you are using Windows Millennium Edition?
          WIn 98 :
          Thanks: {Art}


            Hi Jr,

            I was only using 32MB of Ram a week ago
            You like to walk on the edge eh? Win98 doesn't need as much RAM as WinXP. But when I boot my computer to the desktop WinXP uses about 150MBs just to run itself.

            Hit the ALt-Delete-Ctrl keys at the same time and see how much memory you're using. And you can see what programs and applications are running too. You may see one or two there that are but shouldn't be running... like a virus or hijacking program.

            To give you a reference point about RAM. I have 512MBs of RAM in just one video card. And I have two video cards SLI'd together for a total of 1024MBs (1 gig). Times they are a'changin'.
            "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria


              If it is just one of a few websites you visit it could just be something specific with the website. If it was your hardware it would happen all the time no matter what website you went too. You would also notice other changes in things you do on your PC. Software running slower then normal. You would also notice these grafix fluxuations in all your software and not just cetain web pages online. Personaly I think it is the websites you are going too maye something to do with you needing the latest java installed, or update your macromedia software. I would at least visit the microsoft updtae site and update my PC and go to and and get updated software before spending cash on new hardware.
              my 2cents.


                Originally posted by LaoziSailor
                Hey Art,...tough question without some more info.
                • How much RAM in your PC
                • What is you CPU speed
                • Graphics card or on-board
                • ...
                I would suggest getting a copy of Belarc Advisor - Free Personal PC Audit and giving us some of the details listed.
                Do Not give us any private information i.e. Software and serial numbers that will also be listed after you run the program
                Can i send this info via Emai to you? I just ran the program!
                Thanks: {Art}