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Help with Windows 11 –multiple desktops – OneDrive

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    Help with Windows 11 –multiple desktops – OneDrive

    I am mired in a quagmire of circularity and I wonder if anyone can help me by:

    1 – being a Microsoft expert and understanding all these features, and how they might work together,
    2 – knowing a real source of expertise on these topics that I might utilize, or
    3 – knowing a way to contact actual truly useful Microsoft Help. The written online help I found on their website Is totally useless, as best I can tell.

    And has Nuance made an add-on to use Dragon with MS Word, or do you have to learn Microsoft's own Voice Control system to use Word? I've been using MS WordPad in recent years as a compromise.
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    Hello Random. Not exactly sure what your specific question is, but happy to help to the extent I can.

    With regard to Dragon, all of the recent versions are fully compatible with Microsoft Word. Nuance (now purchased by Microsoft) has released their latest version of Dragon Professional 16. Definitely worth looking into even though it is a little pricey. It supports the traditional full text control, which is probably what you are looking for.

    Microsoft's voice control is something I have heard good things about in Windows 11, but definitely not as feature packed or intuitive as Dragon. Nonetheless, it is free and integrated in Windows. You can also use it alongside Dragon in other applications (in my experience Dragon works best in Word, everything else it is only the speech transcription that really works).

    Do you have any question about OneDrive?