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OneDrive – saving periodic moment-in-time backups

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    OneDrive – saving periodic moment-in-time backups

    Does anyone know how to do this?

    Jeez! I don't even know what it is!
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      It is supposed to be Microsoft's cloud storage solution to multiple devices, where all your fries are synced in real time. I fear it may be the latest blow to my writing aspirations. I was running Carbonite also and my files started evaporating. So I think I've stopped that, but I would feel more secure if I had a backup of my new primary storage.

      I so desperately need a real computer guy. My geek squad guy was only a hardware guy. I need an everything computer computer guy. Where have all the computer guys gone? There is a song echoing in my head that approximates that question. Anyone…?


      although this song does not really relate to me or my life or my fabled computer guy. I hope he is not just a computer cowboy.
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        A 1 TB back up can store a lot. Bigger TB's if needed. Clouds have been known to evaporate.
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          Oh no – and here I thought I was being super safe. Is there anything in Windows 10, or a program I can load, that will automatically backup changes daily and save those for maybe a week or month, and make periodic backups that it keeps?

          How do I solve the problem of real-time syncing all my documents from different devices? Is there a better place then Onedrive to do that? If I use that, can I still set my local backup to just my hard drive? I tried that before and it got all tangled up with OneDrive in a way I didn't understand?


            There are many solutions that you can implement. Onedrive is a synchronization solution. That means that everything you have will be mirrored on your computer and online. If you make a change online it will be reflected on your computer and vice versa. This is good for different things but not always the most reliable when it comes to backups.

            While you can use OneDrive for incremental backups it is not possible with the default OneDrive application. Instead, you can use a solution like Duplicati, which can be set up to automatically backup files in increments. However, this is an advanced solution and might not be what you are looking for. It requires some degree of technical knowledge that most users might find too difficult. Even if you can set it up it might be difficult to figure out how to recover from that data.

            Instead, for your use case I would strongly recommend a service like Backblaze. While it is not expensive it is not cheap either. It allows unlimited backups, with increments stored up to 30 days. You can just set that up easily and allow it to run automatically every day. They provide both the cloud storage and the software to back up your data. I have heard very good things about it and it is very easy-to-use.

            Alternatively, if you really want to use OneDrive you can purchase a software that can handle incremental backups like Backup4All. This is a paid solution, but you would only need to pay once (unless you want to upgrade). This would be easier than Duplicati but may come with its own challenges.

            I hope that this is something you find useful. I will try my best to offer my thoughts if you have any questions. Good luck!


              I just copy my Libraries to my backup drive or even just the documents folder when I don't want to do a full system backup. Also mail my Quicken file, passwords, etc. to my Yahoo mailbox which fulfills the off-site storage requirement :-)