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    Minecraft fun

    Not sure if any of you play minecraft (or maybe your kids do?), but one of my other fun IT side-projects is a minecraft server. For April 1, my 15-year-old son and I built out a fun little world with a lot of unusual bits. (Oddity helped a bunch too! Built the whole castle for the evil witch). We called it our "April Fools" minecraft server.

    If you play Minecraft on PC, using the Java client, you can get all the details at Sadly, they don't interoperate between PC and consoles (e.g., PS4, XBox). So only PC Java players can reach this.

    I like tech so much I do it for fun, not just for a day job.

    Some of these things make me feel old. Maybe because I am getting old. As I understand it the purpose is simply to survive by building things? My interest would be understanding the technical behind the game more than the game itself. I can see where this could be a great family project!
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