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    OnePlus terms and conditions

    My Samsung S7710 still works albeit slowly and its storage capacity is limited.
    My Son has recently given me his old OnePlus 5T. Today I charged it up and dropped my SIM card into the slot then tried to comprehend the end user agreement and terms of use.
    Bejeezus, I may as well sign over my soul!

    The main question is; do these terms differ from what others demand?
    Secondary; How much privacy can I opt out of after the initial acceptance?
    Third; disregarding the price I paid, is the OnePlus a half decent phone?

    I know that there are seldom 'free lunches' but these terms seem a stretch.
    P.S. I have never read the terms of my Samsung; perhaps I should have?
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    Hate to tell you no difference then Samsung only a better phone...99% of your apps and your carrier all have the same about using all your data and personal information to data mine for profit.

    Welcome to tech!


      Sadly this is true. Every time we agree to something will give up just one more right to privacy
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        It’s been years since I’ve seen an iPhone agreement, but I think the iPhone 4 had it listed in pages. It was something like 90 pages that you were agreeing to in order to use the phone. Now I’m sure it’s just some link I never bother to click when I set up the new phone. I can only imagine it’s grown longer over the years.

        I don’t see how any of it is really enforceable. You have to hand over money before you can read it and they know good and well no one is going to read it.