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    Online money management software/site

    Has anyone good recommendations for this, especially one whose security you trust and that works well with Dragon? In previous times in life I used Quicken, locally. I started using Personal Capital a few years ago until someone spooked me about the security of that and I deleted it all. Now my computer guy points out that such a site will have significantly better security than I do locally. I’ve always figured ‘who is going to want to bother with little old me?’

    Thoughts about security? Recommendations?

    depending on what your doing, online security is going to be better than local as they cant risk lots of client info
    & home security is only as good as you control it, but that doesnt mean it dont work is popular in aus, dunno if its for usa? myob, quickbooks, its all cloud based now, less worry for you.
    but otherwise a decent security software suffices, kasperys, bitdefender, nortons id 3rd, id choose 1 of them 3
    survivor of beijing oeg transplant