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Dragon add-in for Word

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    Dragon add-in for Word

    Please can anyone tell me how to get the Dragon add-in for Word activated and working? None of the ways I thought I knew is working. Our 12 year love-hate relationship culminated earlier in the year in the in a couple months of near bliss– – probably 80% of the speed and utility I have known. Then some uninvited updates downloaded and shot it all.

    Windows 10 – Office 365– Dragon 15.

    I don’t know what updates happened.

    My computer guy is Brad, and I view him with the same reverence as that the Liberty Mutual woman shows her Brad (who I want to say was a Subaru, although I may be improperly conjoining my loves. I wish I had known how to convert my Forrester, because we’re almost like a cult, and Liberty Mutual never has let me down). This may be a totally regional reflection.

    Anyhow, I had not known to look about its being disabled, but Brad came to the rescue with a web search and I am functional again (more or less). I forget now, but I think there was some un-disabling involved, as well as enabling… din