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  • Laptop/dictation recommendations & suggestions

    My son bought a Mac Pro and Dragon a year ago. Sadly, we found out after the fact that Dragon does not work with the Macs & Mac Speech does not exist anymore. He had a Mac prior to this & used Mac Speech with Head mouse & it was great. He has been using the dwell feature & it is very frustrating to type all the messages/responses, etc. on the keyboard. The speech recognition would be better.
    We are going to get a new laptop (sadly after spending $$$ on a Mac) that can use voice/dictation to navigate, message, surf, etc. Any suggestions/thoughts/recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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    Considering you already spent the money for the Mac, it might be worth trying Boot Camp with Windows installed. The $$$ Mac is probably a pretty powerful machine, likely as good as anything you'll buy as a PC.
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      I don't understand why you don't have voice control on your Mac. It is build in. Do you have the latest update down loaded? You find it under "Accessibility" in system preferences. I use it to write emails, letters, texts etc. daily only using my voice. I also use an iPad pro and voice to text works very well.Before you spent more money check into what you already have. It is build in and doesn't cost you anymore extra.


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        The voice control on his Mac does not allow you to navigate, dictate, etc. We even took it to a computer guy & he tried everything to get it to work. He used to be able(on his old Mac) to say "mouse click", "right click", scroll up, scroll down, scratch that, delete that, and just dictate messages. On this new one, he can't. I even tried to reach out to Apple & they were no help what so ever. They tried & just left me hanging. Never got back to me after leaving many messages. Very dissapointed in their support. It was awful. I will look into the Boot Camp/Windows maybe.