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Tabletop Microphone Recommendation (DragonDictate V15)

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    Tabletop Microphone Recommendation (DragonDictate V15)

    This is my current laptop information:
    Windows 10 laptop HP 17
    DragonDictate Professional V15 size 2.74kb
    I am using a wired tabletop microphone with this system (Buddy Desktopmic 7G)
    This microphone seems to be sensing interference because the indicator area (yellow and/or gray) is frequently filling the entire area.
    If I have someone jiggle the wire going into the microphone, it temporarily helps.
    Are you able to buy a new cable or just purchase something new? And if it is new, I look forward to feedback from other users.
    Thank you in advance for your patience with my lacking computer knowledge.

    I use a lapel one now, but in the past I used a Yetti similar to the tall upright ones in the right,, and I was very happy with it. But they are expensive.


      this is the best place to look for microphones, and add on for Dragon which is wonderful and it's free. Go check it out in the forums.
      C4 incomplete since 1985


        I've been using speech recognition since IBM ViaVoice on the OS/2 operating system in 1994 and later moved on to Dragon and Windows.

        Back in the day, this was rated the best microphone for speech recognition, and still works extremely well with accuracy and blocking background noise. It's a dynamic versus condenser microphone so it doesn't pick up every sound in the room. I've been using one of these on a desktop boom and it's been flawless for the last 26 years.

        However, it is one of the most expensive microphones you can buy for speech recognition and there may be alternatives now that perform just as well, I don't know.


          Used to be a beta tester for IBM via voice back in the early 90s and Larry land for AT&T. There were three or four companies that I submitted actual beta reports for.

          However don't believe voice recognition became a functional tool until the turn-of-the-century when you have quad core processor and plenty of cheap fast RAM.

          After years of trying different microphones purchased a yeti blue and it has worked well for the last 10 years.

          After having to do video telecoms with my doctor purchased a $25 camera microphone from Netgear and somehow the yeti blue that came unplugged and the $25 microphone automatically started working in its place and is working fine for my voice recognition.

          Go figure. The biggest problem I have with the $25 Mic is that it keeps falling into a drawer and getting it shut in, but still works!