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    I have a Mac, which as we know, no longer has a version of Dragon, and the one it did have, stunk. I don't use dictation much, but would like to use it more for writing reports for work. Would there be any difference in performance if I used Parallels on my Mac, vs. buying a PC laptop just for the sole purpose of dictation?

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    As it happens, I use Dragon 15 on Windows 10 running in Parallels 14 on a quite-fast 2017 iMac. I don't have a comparable Windows PC to compare to, and this is my first Dragon setup, so take my experience with a grain of salt. My observation is that the solution is pretty clunky. It's very slow, and hangs up for 30 seconds or more at times. That said, I've been using Parallels for years, and every version gets worse and worse. So it's quite possible that it's Parallels that's running slowly, which would imply that using Dragon on a pure PC system would be much faster, though I suspect it's still a beastly bit of software and probably isn't nearly as quick and responsive as we'd prefer.
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