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1080 vs 4k

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    Originally posted by RollinPositive View Post

    Holding on to old equipment can be cost effective but one misses so much with not being able to stream content and usually of someone is holding on to older equipment in streamlining the cable/dish and home internet and cutting the cord one can save enough to upgrade equipment

    We had a family member paying $200 for cable and internet and we moved them to Sling $40 & T-Mobile @home internet ($50) for combines $90

    Now they have channels they didn't have at lower cost, internet is faster

    They saved enough in 1st few months to afford a 4k TV 65" (under $300 at Christmas time and a Vizo home theater $150 at Costco

    The love the larger shaper picture and can hear so much better with rear speakers near them

    They love streaming older movies for free to and love watching YouTube hes a tech guy and she loved home improvement creators
    ‘if I wanted to stream to my tv I could get a roku or Apple TV, and I can stream on my iPad and my computer, and for that matter my phone as well And I only pay $49/month for dish for tv and then another $49 to Xfinity for my internet. Also I’ve had 2 visios and neither of them lasted more than 2 years before they failed. Also my kenwood has 5 speakers and surround, so it sound fine to me. I’ll get a bigger tv when i move, because I’m planning to throw away most of my belongings when I do that, but for now I’m good.