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Does Dragon really work?

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  • Does Dragon really work?

    I'm tired of using this hunt and peck On Screen Keyboard when I'm in bed. How well is Dragon now. It was worthless 20 years ago. If I need a mic/headset I'm out. Get it. I can't wearing that in bed. Maybe a better mic mounted right above the video eye. This Acer speakers /mic are fair, meaning some phone calls are perfect and sometimes they can't hear me well. So it might work ok like that.
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    I (AB) use it on a MacBook without a mike now, but had to use a mike with previous versions. It has definitely improved. Dictation is pretty dialed in. Computer commands will take more practice.

    Re price, you could check with your regional or state AT program to see if there might be a special deal. Also get on the Nuance email list for holiday sales, etc.


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      Use it and the on-screen keyboard exclusively now. If you have enough RAM and fast processor you should do just fine right out-of-the-box. My microphone sits on the headboard and on my win 10 computer the built-in mic works just as well.


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        What options are available for Mac users now, besides the built-in dictation and/or voice control? For the type of professional dictation I need it for, I find that what's built in doesn't fit the bill. I believe there are none, correct? Is my best option to use something like Parallels? I don't want to spend $ on Windows Dragon if it won't work much better.


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          Is it worth going from version 13 to version 15 of Dragon NaturallySpeaking?


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            I still use windows speech recognition (FREE) and a lapel microphone. Also google DOC’s has good voice to text.
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              Originally posted by Cris View Post
              Is it worth going from version 13 to version 15 of Dragon NaturallySpeaking?
              definitely is, I'm using Dragon Professional Individual 15.3 to type this out while using a desktop microphone while I'm in bed. Between using DPI I also use an add-on called Knowbrainer, be sure to check out the forum. You can get the software for free by just showing a copy of a prescription, or other document showing your disabled. Also get from is one called Speechstart++ which will allow you to turn on the microphone when it's in the off-state.
     for some reason I cannot add another link. But that your best bet, get on eBay and grab DPI 15 and then checkout Knowbrainer's forums. You can learn a lot from that site about speech recognition. Not just with DPI but also the Windows speech recognition platform. Having used them both I find that DPI is much better than the Windows. Also I use a Buddy DesktopMini
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