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Why is an email going to Junk Mail instead of Inbox?

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    Why is an email going to Junk Mail instead of Inbox?

    I've been keeping in touch by email with an old friend for the past year. About three months ago I stopped hearing from her. Fast forward - we finally connected when I found emails from her in my Junk Mail on my MacBook. (Our Mail account is with AOL). We both thought we had "ghosted" each other because of some random statement.
    When I had not heard from her for several weeks I thought she was offended by something I said in my last email to her.....I read it over several times nothing rude, etc.! She thought the same thing.
    After we reconnected, I started going to my Junk Mail when I expected a response from her, and sure enough, there was a reply to my latest email.
    On her side, she got my emails fine and had no trouble getting emails from her other contacts.
    I have gone over my computer mail settings, even labeling her VIP, and still her emails show up in Junk Mail. The only way I can find them is to do a search for VIP mail. I have even read "If emails are incorrectly marked as junk", in my computer mail guide, and made changes.
    Just wondering if anyone can help me figure this out. I have no idea why her emails suddenly started going to Junk Mail, where I didn't find them for weeks.

    The best way to whitelist an email in AOL is to add it to your contacts.

    Click the "Contacts" link in AOL Mail, or open your AOL Address Book.
    Select "New," and set the email you want to whitelist as "Email 1" in the contact sheet.
    Click "Create," and you?re all set!
    Add contact option

    if you find an email you actually want to receive in your spam folder, go ahead and click on it, or highlight it by checking the box next to it, and select the "Not Spam" option that appears at the top.

    To be extra sure these emails won?t get back in your spam, click "Show Details" within the email also to see the email address, and add that to your contacts via "Add Contact" from the dropdown menu next to it. Anything in your contacts is whitelisted, so it?s always the easiest way.

    AOL Whitelist

    Also, to keep your AOL address book simpler, you can whitelist by manually managing your spam settings.

    Click on "Spam Controls" in the lower right side of your inbox, and in the "Mail & Spam controls" window that appears, click "Custom sender list," and select "allow email from."
    Input the email address you want to whitelist
    Click "Save." With some reverse blacklisting, you whitelist a contact!
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      Thank you!! Will try these suggestions. I had already put my friend's name into contacts on my Mac and on my iPhone, but did not check the Contacts on my husband's Windows computer where our original AOL mail was set up.