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  • Apple voice control

    I'm a C4 quad 33 years. Was watching the Stanley Cup and I saw an commercial for the Apple voice control, which will evidently be coming out on IOS 13. I've never used an Apple product, use Windows 7 with DragonDictate and Know Brainer, actually used Dragon since the 3.0 version. Have to admit that ad was pretty good.

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    I just got a little iPad to mount on my chair and try to be more functional totally hands-free, and my computer guy was going to install within a week the new thing that will work a lot better, which must be this.The goal is to replace my phone as well.


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      IOS13 and iPad OS both have voice control in the Accessibility options. It is based upon Siri and will allow device control and dictation. It needs to be a lot better than the current dictation which requires the ability to position the cursor and use keyboard. From what Apple have shown this may of been addressed, at least in Mac OS 10.15.

      Development beta for all 3 has just been released, to get access to them you need to pay for a developer account, public beta will be July and expect it to have glitches, I wouldn't suggest using the public beta unless you are competent reinstalling an OS. Official release will be Autumn/fall.

      Dragon Dictate was a POS on the mac and Nuance stopped developing it, supposedly Apple used Nuance for some of the Siri development and I would guess Nuance have been involved in the IOS and Mac OS changes as Mac OS 10.15 dictation does look similar to Dragon for Mac.


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        I'm excited to have more dictation functionality, beyond Siri, on my mobile device when on the go. To have proper dictation with editable text all mounted to my armrest is huge for me.