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  • Wi-weird?

    I am truly stumped and I would imagine it is a simple thing.
    I water the neighbor's yard. I noticed my phone (Android LG) connects automatically
    to a SSID. As usual behavior that the droid and most devices follow of
    connecting to an open wireless network and those that were connected to
    with correct credentials such as here at home.
    I have never connected to any adjacent connections. It is running WPA2 etc.
    Nothing open nor easily attacked like WEP.
    I have a different device that is rooted and tried turning it on there with no go.
    I am not about to rootkit my phone. Just out of curiosity, why would my simple
    device decide to log in? I have scanned for MAC addy cloning and am aware of MITM and the usual. Gone as far as
    using Wireshark from home with the help of a booster ... It puzzles me.
    Any ideas from my net gurus?

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    Which version of android are you using? Q is now the latest version. I think it's safe to say that iPhones are more secure than android phones. My understanding is that Wireshark tells you what's going on with you upstream bandwidth.

    Good luck!
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      My phone runs Android 7.0 kernel 3.18
      My rooted tablet has Android 5.1 ... I know out dated. The rooted is more of a fun hobby out of boredom.
      I know from school and experience that apple is allegedly more secure but I could never swallow their proprietary bundleware.
      As far as Wireshark, I run it on an Ubuntu machine with two wifi adapters. One set to promiscuous mode.
      I've used it to monitor traffic along with Wigle-WiFi. It simply puzzles me as I have never signed into any network on this street
      other than the home wifi.