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How are you browsing the Internet with your voice?

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    How are you browsing the Internet with your voice?

    Since there will never be a Windows 11 and Windows 7 is no longer supported, am going to break the window and upgrade to Win 10. It will be the last Windows operating system that will create any new Synapsal paths in my head.

    It appears currently the only browser that work with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Is Internet explorer. Use the homepage of Internet Explorer to view my cameras, use Firefox for my other web have to do everything with Internet Explorer.

    Cannot get any version of Firefox, even went back to version 52.0.2, and the DNS add-in, Still would not work. Downloaded and installed the latest version of chrome and still cannot get it to put my voice in the address bar without the transfer box.

    Currently building a new Win 10 machine to be my default computer updating Operating System, applications and Most importantly, browsers that listens Consistently and reliably.

    What are you currently using to browse the Internet with your voice?
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    I use Dragon with Google Chrome and it works great. No need for dictation box (most of the time) I'm typing this with Dragon right now.