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    voice control

    my husband has no use of his hands. Are there voice controls for an iPad or a laptop? He would like to use it in bed.

    Yes, both have voice control built-in under Accessibility Options.

    I have many Alexa and Google Home devices in my house. I control lights, the thermostat, and TVs using my voice. While laying in bed, I can also use Alexa to call anyone in my contacts list, and see and/or talk to anybody at my front door (using my Ring doorbell).


      For the iPad; I've seen people use Switch Control and then install a bluetooth head switch. You can play with this feature without a switch to see how it works. Basically the iPad highlights choices on the iPad and when it settles on the area you want to select you press the switch with your head. Here is an Apple support article:

      The same method can be used on a Mac laptop and you can use Siri too.

      There are many different switches you could use for this but here is a bluetooth switch.
      Positioning for it might be tough though. I've also seen some small bluetooth buttons that are super reasonable (around $30) because they are not in the disability wheelhouse. (Flic for example.)

      This can be overwhelming to figure out on your own but a good OT should be able to set you up and help train. There are sip/puff options and more. The OT should be able to help.


        As explained there are options to voice control as one of the failings is lack of ability to correct text. Switch control is one and there are different switches, I don't have a lot of neck/head movement and use one button switch and an Ablenet Scatir switch which I blink to click, these connect to a Tecla e which connects to my phone, ipad and macbook so I can operate any of them. Combine that with Siri and you have a number of options to operate almost everything you need.


          The ones that I use on my computer are Dragon professional individual 14, KnowBrainer and Speechstart. You can find DPI 15 on eBay or other sites a lot cheaper than the actual. The main site forum can send them in message about getting the software for free providing a prescription or other medical bill

          Now for my IR to control my TV, cable, etc. anything that's IR, RF and X10 is a software called IRcommand 2 which is AWESOME! I'll tried to do a video review of that in action.

          And there are other options that were others mentioned here like the Amazon fire TV cube but that gets really annoying having to say the "activation word" on every single command.
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