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Android/Kindle/ Google play book?

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    Android/Kindle/ Google play book?

    I am considering getting a Amazon Fire HD to replace my Lenovo Tablet. The Leonvo's battery life is down to 3-4 hours per charge.

    The problem is that the Kindle will not play Google Play Books unless each book file is converted to the Kindle file type. Is there a better way to run the Google e-books on a Kindle?

    Converting possibly still be the best solution if you have tons of eBooks, use to convert any eBook to whatever format you need.
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      I use Calibre and it’s pretty darn simple. Not sure what the google play book file is, but it’s dead simple to convert epubs into mobi (the kindle file type) with calibre. I have a kindle paper white.


        Thanks for the comments. I sorta concluded that I would have to use Calibre or a similar app. I was hoping that someone worked out a way to run a more open version of Android on a Kindle in addition to the Fire OS. Then users could use either one like people with both Windows and Linux on their computer do.


          I have found a great solution and am enjoying my new Fire 8 HD. (My winning bid on eBay was $44.) It is possible to tweak Amazon's version of Android which does not play the Qoogle book format. It is pretty easy to restore the parts of Android that Amazon removed. I can now run Google Play Books as well as the other Google apps in the bookstore. My Fire runs just like my Android tablet.




            Remembered the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS) and logged on to the website. To listen to talking books from the NLS, you must use one of their machines or one of the three interfaces listed below or a thumb drive and plug it in their machine or use one of these interfaces:

            BARD Mobile for iOS devices - access braille and talking books from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

            BARD Mobile for Android - access talking books from your Android smartphone or tablet.

            BARD Mobile for Fire tablets - access talking books on your Amazon Fire tablet.

            Pretty cool you can now download any book you want immediately through the Internet have to use a smart phone, and as any quadriplegic or those with poor eyesight know, smart phones are not that easy to use or learn how to.

            This is how the computer was configured to play the android operating system application on a Windows 7 desktop PC.

            #1 Download Bluestacks and Install an android emulator, fire tablet or Kindle to download BARD application instructions.

            #2 Fill out the application for Bard and download the device for the operating system you want to run. Https://

            After combining the two operating systems now use my trackball to control the smart phone application reading me the books from my main machine. This now makes me able to load and use any other application that are made for smart phones.

            Recommend going this way, especially with the tablet. Good luck and happy books.


              Thanks Chris. I am working on your suggestion.