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Restoring desktop view in Google Chrome on my computer

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  • Restoring desktop view in Google Chrome on my computer

    Something Dragon heard made it changed my websites to mobile/cell phone view, which I hate. The one idea I found online didn?t work. Does anyone know how to put me back permanently and universally in desktop view/mode?

    I?m using Windows 7.

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    Have you tried going to Chrome > View > Developer Tools and clicking the mobile/tablet toggle icon?
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      Resetting your chrome setting to default can solve the issue. If you didn't try it you can do it now by clicking setting then click the advance setting button and click reset.


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        Thanks. If I do this, will I lose my bookmarks? And do you know-- how can I back them up anyway?how later would I restore them.

        While I?m on bookmarks: does anyone know how to promote items in a subfolder to the main level. When I imported my old bookmarks, put them in their own srngle
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          does anyone know if there's a way to restore to where I was? I reset to default and somethings are misbehaving ; my guess is it's related to the Dragon at add – on.

          I hope to look up and share what I found in help. You have to turn off sync.