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    Originally posted by gjnl View Post
    NL and I are iPhone newbies, and I've been following this thread with interest. So I tried this method, sending from my iMac (through my email program) a text to NL's iPhone (10 digit phone number + SMS Gateway address for our carrier).

    Seconds later "text message whistle" and she had my text. She tried texting an answer to me, iPhone to iMac. I did not receive her reply. Does this mean that desk top computer to cell phone texting is a one time, one way action?
    Okay, I've done more testing and set up iMessaging on my iMac. Now, of course, NL and I can text and reply to texts using iMessage. But it would appear that computer to phone messaging without iMessage is a one time, one way action, using Phone number + Carrier Gateway addressing method.