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    Hey, I thought I would share something I bought that has really helped me out with comfort and usability.

    I had a desk with very limited space to roll under and not so much desk room either and sometimes I couldn't use my desktop depending on how bad my pain is.

    I got a Jarvis standing desk and it has been awesome so far. The top is 30"x60" You can go smaller or bigger if you prefer.

    I'm able to raise the desk so my arms can wrest on the desk at a higher level instead of having to support my trunk with my wrists and I can use my power chair to roll under it and be leaned back - sorta like a AB would with a desk chair.

    I put casters where the feet go so its easy to move around as well.

    Overall its been a very good purchase. Next thing I'm going to get is a monitor arm for when the new monitor that I want comes out next year. That way everything will be fully adjustable and have even more desk space.
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