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  • Smaller is better

    Due to the increased pain I am relocating the other bedroom part of the day to lay on my back.

    So I purchased this minicomputer, added a 250 GB M.2 stick and 32 GB of RAM.

    Motherboard has a built-in 4K output, surroundsound and a built in dual array microphone which I am using to write this post.

    Not saying this microphone is as good as my yeti blue but still has yet to miss a word. Since I'm sensitive to noise my criteria has always been as powerful and as quiet as possible.

    Thought I was going to have to add a microphone to the system this appears to be working just fine.

    My first computer you had to buy the disk controller card, the video card, sound card, network card, serial port card and that was just to get the computer to run.

    Now I open the box plugged in the M2, RAM and a USB device with Win 10 on it. Never used Cortina before but it worked for me so I loaded Dragon NaturallySpeaking and I'm talking now.

    Silence is beautiful in a 4" x 4" little box that will fit anywhere and I'm going to keep him as a pet just do not know what to name him yet.

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    Originally posted by Cris View Post
    Silence is beautiful in a 4" x 4" little box that will fit anywhere and I'm going to keep him as a pet just do not know what to name him yet.
    I named him 'Astro" after the dog's in the Jetsons.

    Quiet, well behaved, doesn't talk back, housetrained and does everything I have asked him to and to paraphrase Bogart "Astro, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

    As you can tell I am just tickled pink over my new PC.


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      I have several small form factor computers in my house they can be a quiet, viable alternative to full sized CPU or laptop.


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        Originally posted by darty View Post
        I have several small form factor computers
        Bought my first computer in 1983, this year, upgraded my main machine from an i7 860 / 16GB to a I7 6700 because it address 64GB of RAM but doubt I will buy anything but a minicomputer ever again.

        The Astro's NIC, router's and NAS all have gigabyte interfaces, with 1 router hardwired to 2 access points, so will not have to store any data locally. However, this will require a complete redesign of my file structure and it needs to be done but a lot of work, this is a good time to start doing it.

        The only thing that the local hard drive is going to have on it is the OS and DNS. All data, movies, documents will be accessed through the intranet. May put office or other applications that may need to be used, we shall see.

        From black and white monitor 1 MB of RAM, no hard drive and a 300 baud Modem and a huge old noisy box compared to a 4 K, 32 GB of RAM, a hard drive on IC and 75 GB up than 5 GB down Internet.