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Google Chrome voice recognition, can it replace Dragon?

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  • Google Chrome voice recognition, can it replace Dragon?

    Can the voice recognition program that is built into Google Chrome be set up to operate a computer in the same way Dragon Naturally Speaking, or Microsoft?s Speech Recognition programs do? I am currently using the Windows 7 version of Speech Recognition, with a headset, for all computer operations.

    I installed Google Chrome and opened their document program, turned on the built-in speech recognition, and began to dictate. The accuracy of Google Chrome?s speech recognition shocked me, it is simply stunning. I had to force it to create an error. The program transcribed my words accurately as fast as I can speak, and without training. Trouble is, the Google Chrome does not appear to be fully compatible with Microsoft Speech. I can open Google Chrome but I cannot get Speech to recognize any of the sub commands. If I want to use it I have to enter the commands manually with a keyboard. Does anyone have any experience getting these two programs to interface? Or, can Google Chrome be set up to replace the other programs?

    I am a C5/6 quad and have been using Microsoft?s voice recognition programs for years. Dragon 12, was the last version of Naturally Speaking I have tried, however, I have never had the patience to train it. My computer is my word processor, Home Entertainment System, and my Home Environmental Control Center. Thank you in advance for your input.