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    All in One computer

    Has anyone ever owned or used an All in One computer? I have heard negative things about them in the past, but wondered if they might have gotten better.

    I have a Best Buy gift card (to be used on a computer) and since I can't find a laptop that fits my needs (plus I have a fairly new laptop already) so I was looking at an AiO instead. This one in particular:

    Any insight or advice?

    I've had an Asus all-in-one with touch screen for almost five years. Works like the day I bought it. I think it's an i5, 21" ... has two hard drives, card reader, usb 3.0, dvd burner etc.

    The only problem I had was the I had to shut off the touch screen just a month ago - the mouse started jumping around on me! Took a while to figure out but I'm not computer savy.

    Love it - takes up less room, less cords etc. Get a big screen if you can - mine's basically a tv with netflix etc. In bed - probably for the summer - with wounds so I just operate the wireless mouse from bed. I have it at six inches from the wall to allow for ventilation as computers hate hot.
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      I've used an iMac since they came out. I have a custom built gaming rig PC, too, but for 99% of what I use a computer for the iMac has been ideal IMO.
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        My wife has been using a Gateway aio for about 5 years. It has worked out well for her because it does save space. The touch screen is not useful. Reaching out across the desk to touch it is very tiring. It only has 2 USB ports and would not meet my needs.
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          Thanks, the only thing I don't like about this model is that it doesn't have a cd/dvd burner... but I can get a USB type for about $25. I will be securing this AiO to the overbed table where I usually put my laptop (doing extended bedrest).

          Anyhow, thanks for the input.


            I have an HP Pavilion that's almost 5 years old. Haven't had any problems with it so far.

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              Have a Gateway all in one and two issues are to put in a disk or DVD etc the drive is on the side and cant reach it on my own.

              The other is we always leave ares on 24/7 but once in a while when restarting it I hit turn off vs restart so its a pain to turn it back on from a chair due to the power button is on the side.

              Next computer will be standard desk type with disk drive access from the front and usb connects on front.