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    I've been using Dragon version 12 for several years and noticed that recently it has completely deteriorated in terms of speech recognition other issues, such as creating periods, inserting commas, and ending of sentences where it shouldn't.

    I know I'm not imagining it, and I was wondering if anyone had the same experience.

    Should I just upgrade and if I do, should I bring in my dictionary or just start over from scratch?

    Thank you.

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    I too am eager to hear informed responses. But did you upgrade your other software? I remember having real problems reconciling versions of Dragon with versions of Word. I think there was a different version of Dragon to use with the version of word I was using. Maybe there is a Dragon version 15 to use with office 2016, or office 365? I am sorry I don’t remember, but you might check into that.


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      Not that long ago my user profile got corrupted. Fortunately I had a backup. I would start with doing a CHKDSK (Scan hard drive for errors). Followed up by a defrag of your hard drive. Try creating a new user. If this fails I would reinstall Dragon.
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        You could upgrade to version 13 and create a new user profile. Just make sure to export all your custom commands/words so you can import those into your new user profile. Also it's a little more expensive to get the Dragon Professional Individual 14, with the new update of DPI 15 they totally reworked the speech platform. Also you can pick up a program called Knowbrainer which works very well with version 13 which it allows hundreds of other custom commands, and you can create your own. It's always good practice to export and backup your user file.
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          aww.. i came here hoping to hear some stories about dictation software having a mental breakdown.