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Double letters when dictating in Dragon NaturallySpeaking

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    Double letters when dictating in Dragon NaturallySpeaking

    What browser do you use and why?

    Have been using Mozilla Firefox for about 10 years now and after having discussions with Dragon NaturallySpeaking technical support, they recommended I use Chrome.

    Was having trouble on data input feels, and dictating into other applications. It would put double letters when I said something and tech support basically didn't tell me how to fix the software, they told me to use different applications with their software instead. Sorry excuse for technical support.

    Has anybody else had problems getting double letters when they dictate something. When saying things like "crispatt" it comes out. "ccrispatt" instead. Many times I get double letters for word or I get double periods ".. " or double comma ",," at the end of the sentence.

    All the discussion boards and help sites tell me about other people having a problem but none of them have answers or solutions. As anyone here and resolve this problem?

    Yeah, I've run into that a lot myself. And now the spell box won't come up. Or if I asked it to correct something, nothing happens. Oh well, so long as it's picking up and types as I speak but it's okay. I wonder if it just happened to be not necessarily the browser but the site. I've been using chrome since it came out after using Firefox for several years. It seems to be more dependable to me but anyways
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      Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you.


      Response By Email (Mel) (04/24/2017 06:28 PM)

      Dear Cris,

      Thank you for contacting Nuance Technical Support. This email is regarding the issue that you were encountering with Dragon.

      Information on applications that are compatible with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13


      Nuance Technical Support