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Adding Bluetooth to a PC

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  • Adding Bluetooth to a PC

    I recently bought the Logitech Harmony Hub. I was setting it up today and discovered that it can control a PC. I'm not sure what all it will do, but I need it to have bluetooth for this to work. I have a wireless keyboard that uses a bluetooth dongle but it didn't do anything when it did a search. I looked on Amazon and found standalone USB bluetooth dongles but wasn't sure that it was what I needed. Also, I read that more than one bluetooth will not work on a single PC.

    Is this true and will one of these little doohickey's allow me to control my PC with the Hub?
    Its pretty cool being able to control my TV and cable box with my voice via my Amazon Echo, but controlling my PC with it would be even sweeter.

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    Hi Scott,

    I purchased a similar dongle from best buy. I just plugged it in an available port and the wrapper instructions gave a website to download the appropriate driver. D/l'ed and installed driver. PC Recognized the dongle and Bob's your uncle.

    I got it so I could use my bluetooth earpiece to communicate through my video doorbell and gaming.

    Sorry, I can't tell you if you can control your pc via hub.

    As for your question as to more than one Bluetooth on a single pc, - The dongle just makes the device discover-able by other Bluetooth devices. For example, when I enable BT on my cellphone, it will show my earpiece and my pc as available communication devices.


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      Are these drivers specific to a particular dongle or are the bluetooth drivers universal?


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        One of these will do whatever built-in bluetooth can:

        I don't have one but I have built-in bluetooth for my windows laptop and have a bluetooth mouse and keyboard and have paired w/ bluetooth speakers.

        Just out of curiosity, what do you mean by "controlling your PC"? Do you mean like using Dragon to browse/open programs?


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          I'm not sure what all it is supposed to do, but the Harmony Hub App Computer function looks like this:
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            that looks like universal keyboard, couldn't see BT controlling it with voice command....but I could be wrong, what does google tell you.....


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              I'm going to order one of the dongles shortly. I'll post here when I figure out what all it does. I'm not expecting it to do more than audio/video control, but we'll see.


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                it would have to have an app on the pc itself of some sort...


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                  I got the bluetooth installed and so far, the only thing I can voice control the PC to do is pause and play (I adjust the volume on the TV). Its not a lot but when I bought the Harmony remote, I didn't know it would even do that, so yay me. lol

                  Weird thing is, my smart TV came with Amazon video and Netflix installed but when I tried setting up those buttons on the Harmony Hub, Amazon wasn't on the list but vudu was. I gotta contact Logitech to see if they have a fix for it.