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Not an Apple fan boy

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    Not an Apple fan boy

    To get a developer signing key I now have to pay money.

    I only want to install a tethered jailbreak on my phone to turn it into a portable computer. You have to re-run jailbreak each time you boot.

    FreeBSD's Jordan Hubbard has left Apple.

    Moving from a programmable computer to a low quality fixed function appliance.

    Are Apple now joining the race to the bottom?

    The Unix brand does not mean that it is Unix.

    My last purchase was Chrome book as Chrome OS is based on GNU/Linux. Was running Chrome on Freon on Linux. Now running Chrome on X11 on Debian GNU/Linux. Had change out to bigger M.2 SSD and enable Sea BIOS firmware. Still have Chrome, Drive, etc.

    Many of my apps are classic X11 which gain accelleration and scalability from X11's client-server model.