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Urgentl Plea for our recovery help

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  • Urgentl Plea for our recovery help

    sorry for my struggle below. The bottom line question: does Word 2013, store incremental backup files stored somewhere,, and where o&li&e and ask such a question?

    I admi2 Dragon and vision defeat.

    yesterday I have been working for hours in the file. It's hard for me to matching never had time to do it, and appeared to see any relational time I started. Someone minimized and close things and strange things happen and I said some things I came up, the director hours working except your file, with their time.

    I am working Windows 7 and 2013. Copiesv somewhere ? ? conversions or backups or something? Automatic copies anywhere, on the other things that I saved? Put them in the directory in which I was working? My version of manager doesn't seem to do any advanced searches.

    Does anyone know how I can search everywhere but file is created on date, or go online to ask such a question?

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    I right – clicked on the word icon on the menu bar, the filename was there several times as an option, and I chose about halfway down, and voila, so stuff was there. All is well in my little world… Until I watch the news
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      lesson learnt?