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Best nobice CAD software for Dragon

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    Best nobice CAD software for Dragon

    I need to be able to sketch some things out. A search on "drawing software for beginners" yielded a plethora of results. One of the options that listed a lot more options:

    I admit I don't even know what CAD stands for. It seems to me we have a "CAD repository" here somewhere, but I can't find it. So:

    =Does anyone know what simple and free sketching program I could use best with Dragon?

    = Does anyone know what resource on this site I'm trying to find?

    Anyone who wants to give me a little primer on this subject, please feel free.

    my title line was supposed to say novice.

    I need to be able to sketch some things out
    Technical drawings or free hand sketchings?


      My feeble brain finally made the computer-aided design leap. Every time I think I'm 80% back to normal reality takes a little chuckle at my expense.

      My needs are not at all professional. I just would like to be able to share ideas for an addition, and maybe someday for some percolating invention ideas. So "sketching" loosely to scale would be nice.


        I think you say bump. Does anyone know?


          CAD = Computer Aided Design. You don't say what you use Dragon for, if it is using mouse grid/mouse control any CAD software will be difficult to use. If you do rely upon Dragon for this I'd probably go to the Dragon user forums or Knowbrainer, they have software that assists computer control with Dragon.

          There will be 100's of drawing applications out there, all you can do is read reviews and try free trials/demos, no 2 users want the same thing and everyone has different ways of learning, what works for them might not for you.