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Does anyone use Dragon with a Bootcamped Mac?

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  • Does anyone use Dragon with a Bootcamped Mac?

    I'm wondering if anyone does this and finds it to work.

    I mean Dragon for Windows. One fleeting Technicolor assist er told me he called Dragon and that they said it would only work well is… IIn the native environmenlike ship for me A native environment
    Last edited by Random; 02-13-2017, 07:54 AM. Reason: sorry, I give up. But it makes my point – just won't work

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    Try the Nuance mac support forum, there are lots of complaints about Dragon for mac and some now run a pc version in bootcamp or parallels. Parallels seems to be a better option as you still have the mac os open and paste into its apps. Unless you have word for pc where dragon is stable unlike word for mac.


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      Not exactly what you are asking, but if you've ever thought about trying Scrivener for Mac, Dragon works great in that for me (and you could paste output into Word if needed). I couldn't get Dragon to respond in Word at all on my system.


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        I've just bought Dragon for pc and am using Windows 10 in Parallels. I had a few quirky moments getting my usb microphone setup in Windows/Parallels but now have it working. Recognition is better than the Mac version and it is stable in MS Word. I'm not a Dragon power user, only do basic dictating into it but might try and do more as using it already seems like it can do more without crashing or cursor jumping around.