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Have we anyone really good with MS Outlook among us?

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    Have we anyone really good with MS Outlook among us?

    I have up lots of questions coming up as I plan to integrate years of PST files and files from other programs to be accessible in Outlook, beginning with my first planned enterprise: exporting to a flat file a months long email exchange.

    There are many reasons to celebrate my asking this question finally, but I will share the biggest:

    ? Finally after I destroyed my technical world with an ill considered foray into the Mac world (I suppress volumes that come to mind at this moment, but suggest that anyone who considers making the PC to Mac transition contact me first) Billy my computer guy Bootcamped me back to sanity, and now my Mac is properly inhabiting his PC spirit. And all my files from the last ? gasp ? 30 years are sitting on a server under my couch, waiting to be accessed and organized. Among them are number of .PST files in what I hope to somehow find emails to turn into my first step toward my authorial fate. And probably they are our other/earlier email format files there too.

    Well, I guess that?s really both of them.

    Up to So, what I?d like to be able to create is a flat file that I can edit in word, with all the emails exploited. That I might be able to figure out, but the problem is that most of the emails are in long chains. (Part of the problem is that I thought about all this before my brain took its little excursion at the end of 2014, I which time I remember the proper terminology for what I want to say now, so I digress, and will parenthesize).

    So anyway, what I want to achieve is an extraction of each individual email in correct date order,, if in each email in a chain out an equal status and properly ordered ? ? basically the top email in each thread in date order.. I found the word for this in Gmail, and the way to do it there, which I?ve forgotten.

    Does anyone know the terminology for what I mean, and how to do it in Outlook?

    And does anyone know the extension for Netscape files or other likely email files I might have used before I left/office became common?

    Sorry for the insufferable ramble.

    Does anyone know how to export a PST file to a flat file of only the top emails in each thread? Does anyone who knows what I mean know the terminology for it?


      Could the word you are looking for be "collate".

      Not sure about the pst file...dont use Outlook. Might Google query for "recover pst file".
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        Have you tried MS support or forums?, you've got more chance of getting a reply in a specialist computer area than a spinal injuries forum...


          RFC 4155 - The application/mbox Media Type

          Oh, PeST files!

          Try loading them in Outlook and then pushing them back to server using IMAP.

          Can you export folders from Outlook as standard RFC 4155 mbox files? These can be imported.

          That is why you use IMAP and keep mail on the server.