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Getting rid of the dictation box in Dragon

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  • Getting rid of the dictation box in Dragon

    I loaded a new version and The dictation box now pops up all the time when I try to dictate. Does anyone know how I turn that off?

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    Dictation Box Settings

    You open the Dictation Box by selecting Tools > Dictation Box on the New DragonBar or Classic DragonBar.

    When you are in Anchored mode, you can define your settings from the Dictation Box Settings window, where you can configure how the Dictation Box copies text from and pastes text into each application where you plan to use the Dictation Box. For example, you can have different copy and paste settings for Microsoft PowerPoint and Corel WordPerfect.

    To open the Settings dialog box, click the Settings button inside the Dictation Box.

    Note: If you are not in Anchored mode, you won't see the Settings button. Instead, you can configure the Dictation Box by selecting Tools > Options and then going to the Dictation Box tab.


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      Under tools > dictation box settings >select anchor and this should stop it from popping up each time.