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  • Dragon 6 for Mac

    Has anyone given it a whirl? I'm so tired of paying them every year for a product that is obnoxiously expensive and bug ridden.

    My recognition accuracy has not improved in years. I'm hoping that the new OS X will have a built-in system that is far superior to this product that has been stealing money from us for years.

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    I visit the Nuance Forum every morning. The majority of the user reviews for Dragon 6 are very negative. I was able to ferret out a few threads that were somewhat positive. I will leave the links below. The VR in El Capitan is not very robust.
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      Thank you PN. It appears to be another money grab. Surprisingly, the built-in Siri dictation is better than anticipated. I'll let you know if it works better in the long run then to shell out another $200.


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        Bought last minute before offer ended and pleasantly surprised at how well it works compared to v4 transcibing accuracy is far better , less screen clutter with smaller white windows and overall a more positive experience than I anticipated. v6 crashes less than v4 but still getting spinning beach ball at times but it seems to recover and not crash.
        I only upgraded as I know Nuance won't do any special deals for v4 owners on the next upgrade! As an upgrade to v4 it is better, whether it is $100 better depends upon what you consider value but software prices have been falling a concept Nuance struggle with. "old" mid 2009 macbook pro, 8gb ram , Buddy 7 microphone. el capitan, can't move to Sierra as my mbp is too old.