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    My Command Center

    This part of my network never goes down, everything on here runs off a UPS. After 15 minutes or so my generator will kick in and power the house.

    The "output to RT ? N56U" sends the Internet to another router used as a repeater/access point at the other end of the house. It also provides a good Wi-Fi signal to the cottage in the backyard. This is where my CCTV cameras, home automation, extra workstation and backup drives are connected. Need to add a switch.

    My doorbell is wired to line #2 of my phone. So when the doorbell is pressed it rings line #2 of my phone and I can talk to the person at the door and call up the camera for my front door. Using the garage door opener I can then let people in an out of the house.

    I have a remote switch to the power strip for the important devices, Internet modem, router, speakerphone, computer) attached to my headboard so Flipping the switch reboots everything.

    An IP camera and a garage door opener gives you a cheap and easy system to let people in and out of your house

    Computers sure have changed since the 70s!
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    Pretty amazing times we live in. Nice set up you have.

    I can't imagine not having online banking, Amazon Prime, and many other things which help me to live independently and get business done.

    I picked up a good deal on Amazon Echo / Alexa during Prime day this week and should arrive Monday... it may just be another gadget but hoping to get some practical usage from it, grocery lists , maybe some home controls etc. we'll see
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