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Transferring photos from camera to laptop

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    Transferring photos from camera to laptop

    I have an older SLR camera, an Olympus E-500, that I will soon give to a family member. I have tried numerous times to transfer my photos from memory card (there are two of them in camera) before handing off my camera. I have a Dell laptop, I think I have Windows 8, not sure, but definitely Windows 7.

    I have installed the CD for the camera (Olympus Master), hoping to edit/delete, and save those photos I want.
    So far, when clicking on 'transfer photos from camera', I continue to get a message about 'not having software needed' or something close to that message.
    I've checked under Troubleshooting in my Manual and tried numerous options, one telling me to install Adobe Reader, which I did. Checked that all my hookups from camera to laptop are correct even checking USB slot. Read and re-read Manual. Charged battery is in camera, camera switched on when I try to transfer.

    I'm barely tech-savvy, so would appreciate any help.
    Any suggestions?

    I recently had a transferring problem with my camera. It appears that the circuit board in my camera has gone bad. I got around the problem by removing the memory card and inserting it in the card reader slot in my computer I able to access the photos that way. Unless you really have an ancient laptop yours probably has a card reader slot too.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

    See my personal webpage @


      A few suggestions:
      1. Check with Olympus to see if they have a Windows 8 / Windows 7 driver for your camera (you'll need to know exactly which OS you have installed). That's likely the issue, I expect.
      2. If your computer doesn't have a card reader, you could try going to a camera shop and ask them to transfer your photos to a usb drive. That might be the easiest approach.
      3. To edit/delete, I'd suggest buying/downloading some photo editing software (Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, or Google Picasa)

      Good luck!


        Thanks very much for the suggestions! I have two memory cards in my camera, one is 1.5" wide and does not fit in the card reader slot on my computer, but the other one is about 1" and I tried it and it fits. Will try again to transfer those files.

        I do have Picasa installed on my computer but haven't used it much, so thanks for the suggestion that I can work on photos if I can get them out of the small memory card. I think I'll end up taking the bigger memory card to a photo shop for transfer to a USB drive.

        One additional thought I had was whether there's a setting in my camera "menu" where I should have specified which card to transfer - perhaps the Olympus Master software didn't know which card to transfer and couldn't do two at a time? Will explore that.
        Thanks again for your help SCI and HockeyFan.

        P.S. A couple of years ago I switched to a Nikon Cool Pix 500 and love it. In my senior years now, it's lighter weight, much easier to handle and has the moveable display window in the back that lets me hold the camera any which way to see, instead of looking through a viewfinder.


          My brother was having trouble transferring or getting his machine (Windows 10) to import pics from his Nikon 7000. He has determined the problem is the camera and not the card reader.

          He's going to take it to the shop but for now he's found a quick fix by taking one card out, like you his camera holds two cards. With just one card in the computer is reading and importing pictures.

          It might be worth a try taking a card out and seeing if you can import with computer reading just one card at a time.


            I have successfully transferred files from the smaller memory card by inserting in computer and going to Picasa!
            I will try the suggestion of just the larger card in camera, hooking up cable to computer and see if I can access that larger card with the Nikon program or Picasa.

            So nice to see/edit my photos! Thanks again! One of these days I'll try again to post photo to CareCure.


              Glad to hear that it all worked out. Good luck editing your photos. Remember to back up your files (offsite if possible)!!