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    Adaptive Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick...

    Alright let's talk gaming for quads. I personally am a C6 complete, have wrist function. Not having hands is a bummer, but if you've still got your wrists or tricepts, you can play most games... with the right stuff.

    Common issues:

    mouse. I personally have been playing with a normal mouse turned sideways. The forward part of my palm pushed right click, the back part pushes left click. I've been through a lot of mice, but a few have stood out for comfort and customizability:
    1. Cobra e-blue wired or wireless
    2. Steelseries Sensei wired
    3. Logitech M510 wireless
    There are mice you can use with your head by looking, or you could use a joystick with your chin.

    . You've got to press a lot of buttons. even for a simple game, say league of legends, you need quick access to about 8-9 keys. I can probably hover 3 with my hand on a conventional keyboard turned sideways. That's really not enough for the fast responses most games require, and i fully intend to keep up with non-SCI gamers. So what do? You'd think someone would make a bunch of keys you could arrange any way you want to make a controller. Well... they do... but it costs like 4 arms and 3 legs. A single key (known as a switch) costs 60-100 dollars on . Switches can be single keys, sip puff, big buttons, anything. The USB switch interface for 5 keys is 150 dollars. So to get a switch for my mouth, cheek, palm, and integrate it's near 350 dollars. So it exists, but it isn't cheap. gimpgear makes similar stuff, and if you dig you can interface with ps4, xbox, etc.

    Macros. An extension of the keyboard section. A lot of fancy keyboards will offer "customization" reprogramming of functions and making of macros. But really, any keyboard can have any button do anything if you use AutoHotKey. Takes a bit to learn but after that, streamline a new set of maps and macros for each game.

    Joystick. Ablenet sells a small one, gimpgear has one, you can get a normal size one from anywhere. I'd say small is best, and for any first person game it is worth having one hand work the joystick to move, and one work the mouse to look. Problem there is buttons. put one in your mouth, one on chin, you have 2 on mouse, maybe use 1 on joystick? macro stuff and pray it's enough.

    This is all my own research. does anyone else have any experience figuring this kind of stuff out?

    - J