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    Anti-Virus Suggestions

    I have used Panda for many years... But the latest 2016 version really slows my pc down.

    Any suggestions for an alternative? Must be lightweight in terms of resources.

    I use the Avast free edition.


      Malwarebytes and microsoft security essentials free versions work great.
      c6/7 incomplete 6/30/07

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        Yes, I run a paid version of MalwareBytes and love it. ill check out avast and MSE.


          Definitely Avast Free edition is quality security enough.
          Cancel that paid version of sum $$. That's just if your system has bugs.
          The free version is plenty.
 has all resources you need for everything.

          Microsoft always has built in default security. Windows auto updates no matter the version keeps security parameters up 2 date. No need for 'essentials'. If your running mac w/other OS. I'm unfamiliar but it's same basics..

          It sounds like yer system is gummed up but yes ive seen sum security progs do that slow running deal. Nonetheless its good to keep maintenance on yer system just like your car. I can give you a few pointers and apps that do that. These will hyperlink which you will just need to proceed to download and run.
          Any tech will instantly put on yer system if u have it worked on are CCleaner and Avast Security.
          If your leary of any of this then no worrys its just computer knowledge these disrespect and/if you're already familiar w/ all this..

          Crap Cleaner is a weekly maintenance app will clear a bunch of the stuff slugging
          down yer system like temp files,errors,etc.

          ACE utilities u can run it will further clear out registry errors and bunch of other garb.

          Run disk defrag as opposed to the default 1 built into your Sys/Accessories/Tools does much more thorough job. Plus you can Defrag plus 'Optimize'.

          1 last cleaning tool to run is a default System tool,
          Disk Cleanup. Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/
          Disk Cleanup. Youll be amazed how much clutter is accumulated. Probably run this ahead of
          everything 1st.

          After its tuned up put Avast Security Free version will ask for your email and its good for a year. Then repeat/renew. They try and push the extra protection but its
          plenty whats included. even if your doing purchases with credit cards/ paypal which i do all the time ive never been ''hacked'' Theres pretty sophisticated scam work going on these days along with ''bugging'' your system w/ malware most of the time its embedded in
          phony emails..

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