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    Core temperature software

    does anyone have any ideas of the best free core temperature monitoring software

    I've used HWmonitor before when I was gaming, pretty lightweight.


      Microsoft Windows is the best heat generation software with its preemptive only multitasking. The CPU is running constantly at thermal limits doing nothing useful. When you want to do something you must run it on a slowed down CPU along with all the nothing useful.

      You could run something else and just not worry about it.

      See rendezvous protocol/messages and cooperative multitasking.

      This started with early CMOS mainframes which were slower than the previous generation with bipolar processors!

      Then they found that the IO service proc could do all the work via DMA and CPU would cool down. Then it could be clocked much faster in short bursts. This was controlled by the OS.

      In PeeCees you do not have an OS so the CPU slows itself down as it heats up. Windows runs constantly at the thermal limit when in use.

      In the case of an OS when there is nothing to do it stops CPU until an external event such as a key press, mouse movement or a frame hitting the network interface. These events turn the CPU on again and then they are serviced by the OS.