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    Dragon MouseGrid epiphany

    I?m sureall of you already proficient in Dragon know this already, but I thought Iwould share it for people like me who have been muddling along without it. Igot finally a little functional when I learned I could say ?mouse moveup/down/left/right? followed by ?faster/much faster/really fast.? Now I feellike I might?ve found the keys to the kingdom with the ?MouseGrid? discovery.You just say that, and then when the grid appears on your screen, and saythe quadrant number you want continually until you focus in exactly where youwant, and say click. Voila ? ? you?re there. And you can say ?mouse drag right?to move column dividers and thingsOkay, my standards for life altering events arerather low these days. I would love to learn anything else people would like toshare.

    Go to and download their software, you will have to send them proof of your disability which had just send them a copy of my baclofen receipt and it's free. It works with any version of Dragon, which version are you using?

    As far as using MouseGrid, you can also say "Mouse 1" "Mouse 8" also which is much faster than using the grid. Also check out the forum And you'll find a lot of good information there
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      I lurk around here and am sad no one is giving you better tips all this time. Fortunately I was half decent at using computers before I became a gimp so I picked up using Dragon pretty quick.These are some of the commands I use most often and I think are most useful. First thing you should do if you haven't already is train Dragon. Just go read one of the stories until Dragon is satisfied.

      Like crippled Bond mentioned, instead of using "mouse grid" you can just say mouse and then a number. So for example if you know something is in the bottom right corner you can just say "mouse nine" and it'll start the grid in the bottom right corner. You can go further and say "mouse nine nine" and the grid will zoom even further into the bottom right corner. This becomes useful once you memorize where on the grid things are. For example I know my chrome refresh button is directly under mouse grid 1, 1. So if I wanted to click it I would just say "mouse one one click." Notice I added the click in that command. With that string of commands Dragon will zoom right into my refresh button and click it.

      Next thing is keyboard shortcuts. If you learn these it will make your life quite a bit easier. Dragon can press any button on the keyboard by saying "press" and then the button you want to press. For example if you want to copy text you can tell Dragon to "copy it" or you could tell Dragon to "press control Charlie." Now the latter is obviously longer, but I prefer keyboard shortcuts to Dragon commands. Other keyboard buttons don't require you to say press. For example you could say "page up" to scroll up webpages and "page down" to scroll down webpages. Another good way to move up and down webpages and folders is by saying "move up" or "move down." You can follow a move up or move down command with a number from 1 – 20, unless you want to say "move down" 20 times just to scroll down one page.

      Next is spelling: learn your phonetic alphabet. This is how Dragon recognizes letters. So for example you get to the spelling window and you want to spell Epiphany because no matter how many times you say it Dragon just won't get the right word. When you get to the spelling window you can spell epiphany by saying "Echo Poppa India Poppa Hotel Alpha November Yankee." Being a veteran helps with this one. This is a much faster method of spelling words than trying to sound out one letter at a time, at least for me.

      Now to opening folders and programs. You can tell Dragon to open any program such as your browser. Instead of double-clicking your Internet Explorer icon you can just say "open Internet Explorer" this works for folders as well as long as you sound off the correct name. If you have a folder named "pictures127842" you're going to need to sound off those numbers to get Dragon to open the folder. So rename your folders and programs to something easy to say.

      Any questions just ask. Good luck


        very belated many thanks. Many many thanks. I will be back. No Arnold threat intended.