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    Easy Video Camera

    I'm trying to find a video camera that I can hold or use fairly well....being quad I cannot grab things and thought maybe someone here had an idea or a specific cam they use?
    I saw one online that is voice activated for starting and stopping video....that seemed cool?

    I want to be small but still have good video quality.
    Any suggestions?

    Thanks ❤️
    In 92 I thought I'd play safe & let my sober friend drive us home

    I know my Galaxy S5 can initiate a video recording via voice command, you will have to stop it by pushing a icon. You may be able to do similar with other phones.

    Another alternative is to find a bluetooth button and map it to the start stop function of video recording. Then you can place an ergonomic button (wireless) on your arm rest to or other place to tap.

    Samsung S5 How to use voice command to record a video?
    When the voice command feature for recording video has been enabled, now you can use it to start recording videos. See the following steps as the example:
    1. Open the stock Camera app.
    2. Aim the camera to the object.
    3. Say "record video" to start recording the video.
    4. If needed, you can pause [COLOR=#67B045 !important]the recording[/COLOR] by tapping and then resume the recording by tapping .
    5. Tap to stop recording video.


      Thanks...I found the Sony actioncam that u can buy a wristband to put cam on ....I'm thinking about that
      In 92 I thought I'd play safe & let my sober friend drive us home