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Need a new video card and SSD drive for Windows 10.

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    Need a new video card and SSD drive for Windows 10.

    The families first computer was an Apple II E, my first computer was a Orange plus both of them have 5.25" floppies the parents had dual drives, I had a single.

    My first PC was an 8086 1 MHz chip with one 1 MB of RAM. Now have a Quad four processor and 16 GB of RAM.

    Thinking about upgrading to Windows 10 to do this I want to install new video card (on this one because it was silent, sensitive to sound) and instead of buying a new computer the best way to speed it up is with a solid-state drive (SSD).

    I'm thinking about getting a Samsung Pro 500 GB SSD does anybody have any thoughts perhaps a hybrid drive?

    Also wanted to do a new graphics card which I know absolutely nothing about. I watch movies on Netflix or CDs or downloads but besides that not much

    I do use Dragon NaturallySpeaking and I like to have that a very high priority service. So plan on installing an SSD drive and having the libraries point to my external SATA drives. Like the movies, they would point to my external hard drive storing the computer movies, then the movie I selected will get moved to the SSD drive and play from their if it doesn't get loaded into RAM.

    So if you are buying a new video card to watch movies and antenna TV, Netflix, Bogart, Cary Grant movies and maybe Star Wars.

    My priorities are speed, silence and the applications I will use most of are Firefox browser and DragonNaturallySpeaking version 12.

    Can no longer keep up with technological changes somebody out there must've researched it recently and thank you for any advice you may have to offer.

    NVIDA cards are currently real buggy with Win10. I have been struggling with a clean install of Win10 for several weeks now. The PC has been constantly freezing after about two minute idle requiring a hot boot to recover. After much frustrating research, I narrowed it down to NVIDIA (apparently all their cards) - the NVIDIA forums are full of complaints. My 80% effective work around has been to set Power so PC sleeps in two minutes, display never shuts off, and every app is closed when I walk away. Royal pain, and I have a decent card:L Gigabyte GeForce GT 640.

    NVIDIA & Win10 news story.

    I have multiple HDDs in my PC. OS is on a Plextor PX-128M5Pro ATA SSD; data is on old HDDs. I went through two other brands of SSD on Win7; they both failed. Plextor has been great.
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