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    Originally posted by Art454 View Post
    I have a GOOGLE spends more time updating itself than I use the dam
    Way worse then windows that for sure.
    Here is a catch to........after windows 10 is no longer free and if you have to reinstall will get 8 then have to buy I wait at least 6 mouths before I buy a new machine with a new OS....But may not matter to. Everybody looking for a free buck today... Nothing for free anymore.
    I have a Canon printer that is always preening itself like a cat. lol

    You are right on about what will happen when W-10 is no longer free.

    I have no problem with companies trying to make a buck as long as they are upfront about it. But hidden fees are unethical, at best, in my book. In the long term I think this will hurt Dell when their sales drop even more. Based on the number of posts online related to this issue they have alienated a bunch of loyal customers.
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      Dell is great at doing the Bait and Switch game come the holidays.

      Microsoft all so knows windows 10 wont be free after the free part is over. You will get a update that kills it then you are screwed. This looks like a Dell bait and Switch as well.

      Printers that take 4 color tanks or less and when black goes out you have to replace all 4 or whatever.

      Why I bought a brother laser printer 2 years ago still on the first cartridge. I don't do a lot of printing and with the laser no ink to dry out.

      HP really suck on there printers....just ask me how most of us know.

      Last one I took my Smith and Wesson 500...shot it 10 times.....lmao.....took me a hour to pick up the pieces but was well worth it. My buddy took his AR15 to

      Revenge on them printers made my week....hand hurt a few days but still more than worth it.....roflmao

      SAD 55....There is no loyalty on nothing no more.....You have to shop around call and threaten and move on to someone else sometimes. Phone....TV...Car and House Ins. you name it. I really get sick and tired of fighting with these people and a lot of my friends feel the same way. We don't need a lot of this stuff we never had if you are old enough to remember.
      I remember the AOL deals a few years and cancel they wouldn't....easy fix just call your credit card company and tell them you lost your card get a new one....AOL turned you off real fast after that. Now the do not call list....that turned into another joke.

      Jobs with no unions will toss you out if anything wrong with you or replace you with cheaper labor....
      More people well be on Disability then Retirement....the list just goes on.

      Guess I bitched and complain enough for tonight....all this crap gets old is all.


        Originally posted by SCIfor55yrs. View Post
        Here is an explanation of what is going on. Dell has deliberately disabled some of Windows 10's recovery functions to force users to buy their premium recovery and backup tool that starts at $40. Outrageous.
        The back up functions on the Dell factory installs are controlled by the "Dell Backup and Recovery" program. Have a look at this link. Scroll down to #2 Install/Uninstall and read the parts where it says Note, and Caution.

        I agree that it is trickery. The cost of the software should be indicated with the sale price.

        Note: When I updated to Windows 10, I did not have DBaR installed. That is why my backup worked through windows 10 (I suspect). It is interesting that they are warning people to upgrade that DBaR software first, before installing windows 10. I guess they want to be sure that everyone pays that $40.
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          Just had the same problem. Find out the maker of your hard drive ie: Seagate, western digital and do a search for acronis and the harddrive manufacturer and download their free utility.

 "this is western digital website"

 "this is for seagate and a couple other brands but I cant recall wich others"

          these will allow limited function but you can create an acronis boot recovery disk and backup full hard drives or selected partitions of any OS to cd, usb or external hard drives an convert window 7 .vhd images to acronis .tif files.

          in wont convert backups done with windows backup in windows 8.1 or windows 10 .vhdx formats it also lets you split backups to smaller sizes an change compression settings in advance settings.
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            Originally posted by Stephanie J
            in this Windows 10 there are many privacy issues. So much private information is sent back to Microsoft and a lot of people have no idea regarding this option.
            They can do a web search for Windows 10 privacy, and plenty of articles will pop up with information regarding privacy in Windows 10, and what settings to change if you want to better protect your privacy. I'm not that good with computers, but I was able to do a custom upgrade to Windows 10 and switch off the the privacy related settings, thanks to an article I found.

            Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.


              Go to Start/Settings/Privacy and turn off anything that you don't like. You'll find plenty to turn off there under each of these categories: General, Location, Camera, Microphone, Speech inking & typing, Account info, Contacts, Calendar, Messaging, Radios, Other devices, Feedback & diagnostics, and Background apps.