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Delay of response from DragonDictate

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    Delay of response from DragonDictate

    I have been using DragonDictate 11.5 with Windows 7 without any problem. But, for about the last week there seems to be a delay
    with the microphone keeping up with my speech. When this happens, if you notice the microphone display that sits at the top left
    corner almost has a type of Asterix on the top left of the circle. The Asterix type distortion disappears when it's ready to start
    listening to my voice again. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I appreciate any feedback.

    I have been using Dragon 12.5 for a number of years using a Windows 7 computer. Have you considered starting a new user profile? Just recently I've had to do that because my old one became screwed up. This is been a painful process. If you decide you want to try starting a new user profile you might want to try backing up the current one and importing it into the new one. If you have a slow computer the backing up and importing a profile can be painfully slow. One last thing I would suggest doing is going to this website and ask this question again to the experts there. If the URL to the get you there without breaking just do a web search for