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Kinesic mouse, a very functional headmouse

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    Kinesic mouse, a very functional headmouse

    I saw a post about a new program called kinesic mouse that uses the kinect sensor from an Xbox one on a Windows 8 PC. Being I'm an electronics nut I had to try it.
    I am not affiliated with them in any way. Here is their website

    So I ordered up the adapter to run the kinect on pc, it of course doesn't just plug in. Thanks microsoft
    Make sure you run kinect compatibility check from microsoft, I had to upgrade to win8 from 7 and you need a somewhat specific USB 3.0 port which I had.

    So far the Kinesic mouse program is pretty cool.
    I have been playing for years with a smartnav4 headmouse and custom (homebuilt) controller.
    I would say this is much better. It can do so much more than a standard headmouse. As in like over 50 different movement or button presses just by moving your head and face.
    I have not played a lot of first person shooters with it yet, just some testing.
    I at first thought it was a bit laggy in fps compared to smartnav , but after tweaking I think it can be comparable. Big advantage you can make it pan, you can look far left or right and it will keep going in circles.
    This is not possible with my smartnav and its always been a pain. I use a joystick to control my mouse to turn around etc then when I need to aim I use the headmouse so my hand is free to hit fire buttons (I have no finger movement)
    I think this will make me a better player.

    I currently have my racing wheel bolted to my desk so I haven't been playing shooters.

    I did set up so while racing I can look left and right and it looks to the side of the car and mouth open runs nitro, nose scrunch e brake.
    To use my wheel previous I couldn't hit extra buttons. One hand steering one on gas and brake. So this opens up some more games or makes me more competitive.

    It is not a cheap solution with having to purchase a Kinect and the program. But my Smartnav also cost 500 and it was one of the cheaper solutions I found.
    If you are a gamer or want to be again look at this anyhow. I would pick it over smartnav if I could only have one

    Hi Andy,

    Microsoft recently switched from the all-in-one package called "Kinect for Windows v2" to the option where you need the "Kinect for XBox ONE" and the PC adapter called "Kinect Adapter for Windows". According to Microsoft the items should be available anywhere soon.

    Since last week the KinesicMouse also supports a new 3D camera called "Intel RealSense". The cool thing about the Intel camera is that it does not require an external power supply like the Kinect. So it is completly mobile when used with a laptop. You can also get the Intel RealSense already built into notebooks, tablets and 2-in-1s, just like a normal webcam. You can check all the options here:

    For a desktop computer I would still recommend the Kinect because it has a bigger range. The Intel RealSense camera needs to be relatively close to your face (<60 centimeters).

    Getting the hardware might be a little bit of a burden but I think it is well worth giving this solution a go. Currently there is nothing even close as efficient and flexible as the KinesicMouse.

    If you have any specific questions let me know via the contact form on or visit the forums